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WORKSHOP BOOKLET (including schedule and abstracts)

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Berit D. Brouer
A matheuristic for the liner shipping network design problem with transit time restrictions
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Bruce Golden
 Min-Max vs. Min-Sum Vehicle Routing: A Worst-Case Analysis 
Eduardo Uchoa New Benchmark Instances for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem  Download Download
 Emanuela Guerriero  A Lower Bound for the Quickest Path Problem
Frédéric Semet
Reactive optimization methods for a field service routing problem with stochastic travel and service times 
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Geir Hasle An Adaptive Iterated Local Search for the Mixed Capacitated General Routing Problem  Download  Download
Gilbert Laporte An Inventory-Routing Problem with Pickups and Deliveries Arising in the Replenishment of Automated Teller Machines  Download  Download
Grazia Speranza A matheuristic for the multi-vehicle inventory routing problem  Download Download
Guy Desaulniers Branch-price-and-cut algorithms for electric vehicle routing problems with time windows  Download  Download
 Harilaos N. Psaraftis  Slow steaming in maritime transportation: fundamentals, trade-offs, and decision models Download  Download
Irina Gribkovskaia  Routing and fleet sizing for offshore supply vessels  Download  Download
Jacques Desrosiers Dual-guided pivot rules for linear programming  Download  Download
Jørgen G. Rakke Maritime Routing and Speed Optimization with Emission Control Area Regulations  Download  Download
Kjetil Fagerholt   Modeling challenges in maritime fleet renewal problems  Download  Download
Manuel Iori 
Non-Hamiltonian Formulations for the Single Vehicle Routing Problem with Deliveries and Selective Pickups 
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Marcus Vinicius Poggi Improved Branch-Cut-and-Price for Capacitated Vehicle Routing  Download Download
Marielle Christiansen Discrete time formulations and valid inequalities for a maritime inventory routing problem  Download  Download
Pitu Mirchandani A Routing and Reservation System for battery swaps for electric vehicles Download  Download
Richard Eglese Disruption management in vehicle routing: problems and models  Download  Download
Roberto Roberti On the Fixed Charge Transportation Problem  Download  Download
Roberto Wolfler Calvo 
A New Exact Approach for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Intermediate Replenishment Facilities 
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Stefan Ropke
Solving the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands by a branch-and-cut-and-price algorithm

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Stefan Voß
Some POPMUSIC Applications in Logistics 
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Stein W. Wallace Stochastic network design with rerouting  Download  Download
Teodor Gabriel Crainic Meta-heuristics for Synchronized Multi-zone Multi-trip Pickup and Delivery Problems  Download Download

Thibault Vidal A new polynomial algorithm for nested resource allocation, speed optimization, and other related problems.  Download  Download
Tom van Woensel A Branch-and-Price algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with time windows considering driving and working hour regulations Download  Download

About ROUTE2014

ROUTE 2014 aims to provide a forum for scientific exchange and cooperation in the fields of vehicle routing, intermodal transportation and related areas. Previous editions of the workshop were hosted in 2000 and 2003 by the Technical University of Denmark, in 2005 by the University of Bologna, in 2007 by the Georgia Institute of Technology, in 2009 by the Technical University of Denmark, and in 2011 by the Technical University of Barcelona, the University of Valencia and the University of Brescia.
16 JANUARY 2022