About ROUTE2014

ROUTE 2014 aims to provide a forum for scientific exchange and cooperation in the fields of vehicle routing, intermodal transportation and related areas. Previous editions of the workshop were hosted in 2000 and 2003 by the Technical University of Denmark, in 2005 by the University of Bologna, in 2007 by the Georgia Institute of Technology, in 2009 by the Technical University of Denmark, and in 2011 by the Technical University of Barcelona, the University of Valencia and the University of Brescia.

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As before, to keep the workshop rather informal and to encourage discussion and collaboration, there will be a limit of 35-40 participants and 28-30 presentations organized in a single stream.

Participation is by invitation only.

Abstract Deadlines: Please submit a one-to-two-page abstract by March 1, 2014. In case of multiple authors attending the workshop, please inform us who will make the presentation.

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ROUTE 2014 will take place at
Comwell Borupgaard, Snekkersten, Denmark,
from 1 June to 4 June, 2014.
Comwell Borupgaard is located in a beautiful old park near the seaside 45 km north of Copenhagen and 3.5 km south of Elsinore and 350 m from a train station with direct train connection to Copenhagen Airport. Comwell Borupgaard has also luxurious spa facilities.

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21 OCTOBER 2020